If you want to share some experiences or leave comments you can contact me on lornapblog@gmail.com
Or if you need more information on affordable weight-loss surgery contact Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital NH Glasgow weight loss site.

You may be interested to find out more information about my surgeon if so please link to Mr Galloway’s website.


3 Responses to About

  1. Hi Lorna, I found your blog inspiring, honest and it touched my heart. Life’s stresses and struggles help us become stronger and you sound a right battler to me. Keep on going with you terrific life changes and hope that eventually you will conquer and have the biggest smile on your face!
    best wishes

    • Lorna Pitt says:

      Thanks Linda for your lovely comment! Yeah….life is absolutely on the up for me these days despite past struggles. I definately feel that the old me is rising to the top again haha!!
      All I can say is bring on 2011!
      Hope you have a great year too :)))

  2. not ready to share my name says:


    I came across ur blog by complete chance, I will explain more in a later post, as I am at work right now. Just wondered if u will be posting any more updates on ur progress, because let me tell you lady, ur story is so inspiring and we are all rooting for you!

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