….taste the rainbow!

follow your rainbows guys!

Good morning friends, fellow bloggers and banditos…. Hope you are all doing great and reaching your goals?

Time for a wee bit of reflection from Lorna today…Its getting near to my one year bandiversary (4th August to be precise) and it`s got me a` thinking…

Now this might be dangerous but bear with me if you will…hahaha!

Seriously though….Generally I am not one for living in the past or looking too far ahead into the future but sometimes it`s no bad thing to stop, look, listen to your body and mind and take stock of life.

…when I look back to this time last year or reread my earlier posts it actually hurts…I mean really hurts…it`s like a physical pain in my soul to look back and remember just how unfit and sad inside that I felt… *shudders*….I was just existing and not truly living….that’s the difference the last 11 months, getting fit and offloading 77lbs have made!

feeling fit and strong!

 I know that maybe sounds a bit dramatic but its true guys. I can`t even begin to express just how much things have changed for me….much of it not actually printable though…mores the pity haha!

Anyhoo…don’t you think that day to day we often take things for granted and just plod along doing our thing…it`s not until you actually stop and reflect that you realise how far you have come and how lucky you are…for me it`s like a WOW moment!!!!

…Now I know I will never be a size eight supermodel, a millionairess, have legs like a racehorse or regain the glow of my 20 year old youth but I can honestly say hand on heart that I am happy with my lot and who I am these days… Yes I have the odd `laughter line` and grey hair poking through but I have my health, sense of humour and zest for life back so I aint complaining…no siree!!

plenty of mountains to climb...oh yes!

Whether it be running up hills or running for a bus…I can now actually do it with a smile…whoohooo!

Just the other day me and the boy climbed another mountain and it was great fun. We powered up to that damn summit in jig time…taking over loads of folks along the way.

At the top it was freezing with 70 mile an hour winds and hailstones (in July ffs!) but I didn’t feel the cold…just the immense sense of achievement at getting there!

Weight wise…still have a stone to go but there’s no mad rush…the formula of moving my butt more and eating less is still working and I know it will happen if I just keep keeping on as they say.

On that note my friends gonna head…got a hot date at the gym with my old friend Mr Rower!

Take care you lot and stay strong, determined and positive!




“To fully appreciate the rainbow you must first weather the storm.”


About Lorna Pitt

Hi everyone... I am on the cusp of a new life.....hopefully a happier, healthier, fitter new life. Come with me and follow my journey as I take my life back...one pound at a time! ps....its happening!!! xx xx
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2 Responses to ….taste the rainbow!

  1. Margaret Knight says:

    Hi Lorna, i have been thinking about getting a band for about 3years now and each year i put on more weight. I have read your blogs and they have made me think i should just go for it. Can you tell me how long you had off work. Did you have any complications. I need to lose 4 stone and i’m only 5ft so i look awful. I hope to here from you soon thanks Margaret

    • bandboy says:

      hi margaret, im in the same boat as you but decided to take the plunge, follow my blog if you’d like more information. Am happy to help. Lorna, are you going to post an update to your blog? would be great if we could get an update from you this far out. Bets wishes, Bandboy

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