am so getting there…life is fun!

Good morning bandits!! Have been so, so busy since coming back from my holidays and I feel I have been neglecting you all….sorry!

pre departure!!

To be honest I have been having a ball both pre and post my continental departure but I`m back now…oh yes…and I don’t just mean from sunny Spain either haha!

Life at the moment is abundant and it feels so great to be getting back to the way I felt a few years ago…ie happy, healthy, energetic, fun loving and confident.

Had a fab time in Benidorm with the girls a few weeks back…and came back with a great (nearly all over)tan and some good memories! Weather was amazing and had no qualms this year about strutting my stuff on the beach either *giggles*. Felt great to feel `kinda` confident in myself again…that’s the gym for you guys! The hard work is paying off for sure!

butterfly wings n a tutu! jeezo!!

Band and food wise had a few wee problems at times throughout my week away  but nothing that caused me serious hassle. After a couple of unceremonious pb`s (never a good thing guys) some considered dietary choices were made… Always worse too when you are eating out and/or in company as there’s nowhere to hide…eeek!

It`s well known that when you fly your band can tighten due to aircraft cabin pressure which can result some mild stomach swelling and things being a wee bit sticky for a while. Never had this last time I was away in October but I must admit this time round I found it difficult to eat my normal things for the first  few days and to be honest don’t think I really helped the situation by drinking probably  too much Sangria…oh dear!

 Should really know better by now but it was `that` kind of holiday so just got on with things and tried to go with the flow! Was fun though 😉

Anyhoo…long and short of things are that despite party, party, party time, too much booze, no gym and eating `easy food` aka rubbish a lot of the time I lost weight while away…3lbs to be exact! *jaw to floor in shock*

last week...down the beach! this makes me happy

Stood on the scales again today and have lost 5lbs in the last 4 weeks…quite how I am not entirely sure?? Even some clothes that were a wee bit nippy before my holidays are getting too big and a lot of my size 14`s are starting to hang a bit! Not complaining I can tell you!

…took the plunge and looked out my treasured old size 10-12 Levi  501`s yesterday (any of my regular followers will know my ultimate goal is to get into them rather than aspire to a set weight)

Well… I tried them on for the first time in about 7 years and I got them up, over the hips and nearly fastened…woohooo!

Granted they are still hideously tight but I GOT THEM ON GUYS!!!!! Yay!! Reckon another couple of months and a stone or so and I will be strutting my stuff in them again…so not long now!!!…August the 4th is my bandiversary…reckon I will make it for sure by then!

Back at the gym this week and it actually feels great! Missed the wee buzz my sweaty (not so little now) workouts give me. It was a beautiful day yesterday and managed 8 miles along the beach as well…was the kind of day and weather that makes you glad to be alive really! Have wee glowing sunkissed cheeks as well haha!

who wouldve thought on a horse haha!

On that note going to sign off for now as I am off for some more of the same…

Take care you lot!

Bye for now…



“Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you to where you want to go….no one else “

~ Les Brown


About Lorna Pitt

Hi everyone... I am on the cusp of a new life.....hopefully a happier, healthier, fitter new life. Come with me and follow my journey as I take my life pound at a time! ps....its happening!!! xx xx
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2 Responses to am so getting there…life is fun!

  1. Ross says:

    Hey Lorna

    Just found your blog completely by random chance and I love it! You’re blogging with a lot of zest and you really seem to be on your way to your goal! Congrats! Keep it up, blogging your journey is such a great thing to do and will take you in completely different and fun directions!

    Have a fantastic week…

    • Lorna Pitt says:

      Hey Ross…thanks for the great comments! Glad you found my blog and enjoyed it….getting back to the, fun, fit, energetic, happy me is AMAZING!!
      Its now not so much about the band but feeling fit and confident once more….this is really just the start of a wonderful journey called life!!
      mwah! xx

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