Gym`ll fix it!

…well for me it has oh yes! Yip indeedy bandsters…Lorna`a wee quest for fitness is certainly all going to plan and it feels amazing!

out walking last week 🙂

 Have been going to the gym 4-5 times per week for the past 2 months now and I can definitely see and feel the difference big time. I feel energised and fit and ready to take on the world these days too!

Everything is just kind of shrinking down and I am toning up at the same time…feel really lucky that have not been left with any `hangy` bits either. All the hard work is definitely paying off…*claps hands*

Have been increasing the intensity of my workouts weekly and am now easily managing nearly 2 hours at a time. Managed 10k on the

cracked the 10k challenge...go me!

rowing machine last week as well (after a 10 mile power walk I might add)…in a very respectable time of 49 minutes…go me!!! Those two activities alone burned off a massive 1800 calories in one day…how fab is that!

Still not getting too hung up on the numbers weight wise though…no loss this week but hey the clothes still getting looser. I know and believe that as long as I keep doing what I am doing I will reach my goal of a size 10-12 by August easily.

gotta work at it guys!

Been packing for my wee girlie get-away too. Surprised and delighted to say I actually look kinda cute in my wee bikini`s this year hahal! Was a bit nervous that my surgery scars would be very obvious but to be honest you can hardly notice them (thanks Mr G!!)

Can`t wait to hit the beach now guys…oh yes!…a week in the sun with the gorgeous girlies in less than a week…whoohoooo!! Who would have thought I would have been saying this last year when I was at my heaviest and most unfit. My whole band experience has just been so positive… I actually have to pinch myself some days because I feel so good about it all.

beauty isn`t just on the outside! xx

One thing I have noticed recently though is the way people now act around me…particularly men. It`s weird…and taking a bit of getting used to, to be honest…eek! Can`t say that I am complaining  but it does really annoy me how much emphasis is put on the way we look rather than the way we are inside as people. I am still the same reasonably intelligent bubbly person I was 5 stones ago but it saddens me that some people who almost looked down on me are now all smiley, smiley chatty chatty….grrrr!!!  Yeah…it`s unfortunately sad but true true bandits…we so live in a fattist society.

…Just a wee observation really…wonder how some of you guys feel about that one?? Feel free to drop me a line or post a comment…

Anyhoo  guys, need to head for now…got loads to do today (including the gym haha) so signing off  for now.

Will catch up in a fortnight with all my news and maybe a few wee holiday snaps haha!!

Take care out there and keep up the hard work!

Adios amigos…



“It’s not what you call me, but what I answer to.”
~ African proverb ~


About Lorna Pitt

Hi everyone... I am on the cusp of a new life.....hopefully a happier, healthier, fitter new life. Come with me and follow my journey as I take my life pound at a time! ps....its happening!!! xx xx
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3 Responses to Gym`ll fix it!

  1. bethany says:

    Hi Lorna,
    My god you look amazing and sound so happy! Congratulations….

    A few of the GB clients are meeting up for a wee coffee and chat on the 7th June at 7 pm at the East Kilbride Nuff Gym if you fancy joining us? Very informal with no real agenda other than an opportunity to meet others but I would love to see you.
    Hope you have a great holiday – you definitely deserve it.


  2. Gemma says:

    love you lorna, you are an inspiration to me
    please update your blog.

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