Driving me round the band!

Hi everyone….sorry, sorry, sorry for not posting past few weeks!

To tell you the truth I have been struggling with this whole band malarkey recently and didn’t want to depress everyone with my tales of woe! Been having some band problems recently and was not quite ready to `share` if you know what I mean.

At the time of writing my last post I had poor restriction but was thinking that maybe my next fill would be `the one` that tamed the greedy wee beast that lives in my body!

I was all set up to book in for another fill and then BAM it hit me!!

Here starts the tale…

I had been out for a glass of wine with one of my girlfriends after work and came home feeling really hungry. I had missed lunch as I had been so busy that day and was really looking forward to my dinner.

Rather than succumbing to rubbish I roasted some chicken and made a baked potato and some green beans to go with it. It was about 8pm when I eventually sat down to eat in front of the telly. After a couple of bites I was suddenly hit with the dreaded `iron fist` and a painful trip to the loo where I vomited the lot back up. After this my desire to eat was well and truly quelled and the rest of my dinner was consigned in the bin.

Now…this has happened to me before and to tell you the truth thought nothing much of it. I made myself a cup of tea and went to bed around 11pm hungry but scared to try and eat anything else.

Around 2am I woke up with a horrible pain in my chest (more iron fist) and after lying awake for 10 minutes decided to get up and have a drink of water to see if that would help. Unfortunately it didn’t. The water was making the pain worse and I vomited again. After some considerable time the pain settled and I eventually got back to sleep around 4am.

The next morning things were just the same. In my head I was thinking that I must have got some chicken stuck and things would clear. I decided not to even attempt to eat breakfast and made some more tea. It was a struggle to drink it, so I went back to water. I was managing to keep the water down but only if I sipped really slowly…anything more than a sip was giving me mild iron fist and regurgitation. On top of this I was feeling a bit rubbish with a slight cold so decided to have a nice lazy Friday in the house as I was off work and it was freezing outside.

I was kind of thinking…maybe I should phone the Nuffield for advice but didn’t want to appear to be overreacting. I thought that the best plan was just to ride it out and hopefully things would settle down. Anyway things didn’t settle down over the weekend. I was working all day Saturday and Sunday and over the course of the day all I managed was a little yoghurt (over a 10 hour shift). I was starving but any attempt at eating was resulting in pain and regurgitation. On Saturday and Sunday nights I was again woken with pain.

 Monday morning came around and I thought enough is enough so I phoned up the Nuffield for some advice. At this point I was beginning to get a bit worried (band slippage and all sorts of horrors were going through my head).

I spoke to the nurse and she said to come up that day to the clinic for an urgent a de-fill. She said on the phone that sometimes when you have a viral upset it can cause some swelling of the stomach and sudden band tightening. So off I trotted up to Glasgow, still a bit worried but relieved that I was being seen so quickly. I had some fluid taken out of my band.

As I was lying there with a needle protruding from my belly mid de-fill I was thinking please, please, please don’t take too much out.  

Yip...thats me ok!

Now that`s the mad part. I couldn’t eat at all, could barely keep fluid down and this was my thought process. The crazy, desperate to be thin devil on my left shoulder was saying…fab, fab…will you be losing weight now or what honey? The sensible part of me was thinking YOU NEED THIS DE-FILL NOW! Talk about a head fcuk!!!  

Three days before…I could eat for Scotland if I wanted to. Now I couldn’t eat at all. What the bejesus was going on with this band????

Anyhoo…it took another 4 days for things to settle. Upside…I have lost 4lbs and I am fine. Downside…I am even further back restriction wise and feeling a bit nervous about getting another fill too soon after the trauma of a very tight band.

So that’s where I am at just now…stuck in band limbo!

My weight this morning was 14 stone 2lbs making my total loss to date 36lbs. I am now wearing clothes I have not worn for at least a year and am down to my pre stopping smoking weight. I had hoped to have lost more by now but I guess over 2 and a half stones in 4 months isn’t bad.

My new year party dress

I have bought a beautiful size 16 party frock for a big, glam New Year Party in Glasgow and am hoping it will fit well in the next few weeks (just a wee bit nippy yet!!). Where is Gok when you need him? Got the feeling some serious undies will be the order of the day hehe!!

Hopefully this will keep me motivated to be sensible until I get some decent restriction.

me 2002. Still got these size 10 shorts. Hopefully be wearing them this summerOh and another thing…I have booked my summer hols (whoot, whoot!!) Am going on a crazy, girly holiday to Benidorm next summer with some mad and very glam pals! (Sex and the City springs to mind!!) It`s been nearly 15 years since I have been away on my own and I am soooooo excited already! Been told to get the gold Bikini ready! Well it`s certainly achievable if I stick with the programme. Am nearly half way there already.

Take care you lot…promise not to leave things so long next time!!

Bye for now,



“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.  Nothing can be done without hope and confidence” ~ Helen Keller


About Lorna Pitt

Hi everyone... I am on the cusp of a new life.....hopefully a happier, healthier, fitter new life. Come with me and follow my journey as I take my life back...one pound at a time! ps....its happening!!! xx xx
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2 Responses to Driving me round the band!

  1. vicky bingham says:

    Hi Lorna,
    My name is vicky and i had my band done on the 24th Nov, like yourself feeling really frustrated as i don’t feel much restriction!! I have lost 14llbs in 3weeks which i cant complain about. Anyway thank god i found your blog as i feel a big bit lost !! I’m not very patient on the computer however i will follow your progress’

    Many thanx vicky xxx-

    • Lorna Pitt says:

      Hey Vicky…glad you have found my ramblings helpful! I am over 4 months down the line now and still not great restriction apart from the `incident of the sudden tightening`. Hand on in there and be patient wee lady. Remember this is a marathon and not a sprint. 14lbs in three weeks is FAB though…well done you!! Just fast forward to this time next year when you will be all slinky and feeling great honey.
      Have a fab Christmas and keep in touch!

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