Just a little push…

baby steps lead to big things

Hey folks…so proud of me today!

Why, oh why do you ask?

…well this morning I carefully dusted off the DVD`s (you know the ones with scarily fit, slim, toned athletic type peeps on the front cover that lie, lonely gathering stour in a drawer…agghh!) and have just managed 30 minutes of aerobics with Davina to spur me on…yes a whole 30 minutes…whoohoo!

...my new friend Davina!

I am so pleased with myself because after several weeks of procrastination and I will start tomorrows I actually did it…for the first time in years!

Yes…I was sweating like a beast!

Yes…I felt the burn (pain to you and me!)

Yes…I felt like I needed resuscitated at the end of it!

Yes…I felt (feel) great!

Yes…I will do it tomorrow!

Early days but I have started. The die has been cast and I AM going to win this battle…`high-five!!`… haha!

I just got out of bed this morning and thought c`mon lady…enough already. Forget Jeremy Kyle and forget the housework. Get off your fat bum, stop deferring and do something.

In my last post I spoke about how I really needed to start some exercise (gawd!). I have been thinking about this for some time but have been too scared for some reason to give it a whirl. Several years of living in couch-ville and sitting on my too large behind, eating rubbish, watching tv and feeling sorry for myself have wrecked my motivation and self-confidence, especially when it comes to exercising!

I needed some kind of catalyst to get me going but wasn’t sure how this miracle was going to occur but it has!

How did this miracle happen you ask?

In the end it just took a little push…

I haven’t mentioned it so far in any of my posts so far but as part of post-op follow-up the Nuffield offer a course of sessions with their physiotherapist designed to get you moving and on the road to long-term fitness.

I was somewhat sceptical in the beginning and to be honest thought yeah, yeah…whatever.

I had no idea about this part of my follow-up until an hour before surgery when I received an unexpected visit from my now physio the lovely Bethany.

Oh dear…I was NOT expecting this.  

To be honest I remember thinking at the time…please go away…why now, why me, why!

However, within minutes she had disarmed me and had me doing huffy, puffy exercises in my room while my son and mother watched on…oh joy!

Before she left me that day she left me with her phone number and info on new post-op classes for us banders.

I agreed to come along after surgery…I thought if I said yes she would go away and leave me to bite my nails in peace!

Fast forward to Monday night this week.

After getting over a dose of the jitters I had a talk with myself and took the bull by the horns (thanks Angela) got in the car and drove up to Glasgow for my first exercise class in years.

Bethany started by giving us a presentation on the benefits of exercise and then it was into the gym…help!!

I was dreading it but do you know what I really enjoyed myself! Bethany pushed us just hard enough. We did a warm up, some circuits and then some floor-work and stretches. Afterwards I felt really great and it has been that feeling that pushed me towards today’s milestone. I felt a little stiff (not sore) yesterday but still managed to clock up 6 miles walking.

Have another 3 sessions to go…with keep you up to speed with how it`s all going.

In the end fear is what was holding me back…thanks for taking

oh yes we can!!

 that away Bethany. All I needed was a little push!

Till next time friends,



“The challenge is not to win but to conquer the fear. It`s not the other people you have to beat, it`s yourself”


About Lorna Pitt

Hi everyone... I am on the cusp of a new life.....hopefully a happier, healthier, fitter new life. Come with me and follow my journey as I take my life back...one pound at a time! ps....its happening!!! xx xx
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