Big Band-day!

Sorry I haven’t posted this week folks but between strong painkillers, loads of visitors, phone-calls and getting over my op I just have been too drained to string a logical written sentence together. Today, however, I am feeling much more like myself and feel it`s about time I let you all know what`s been happening to me in the past 7 days. 

light at the end of a dark road


…it`s now one week today since I had my lap-band fitted by Mr Galloway at the Nuffield in Glasgow and I am feeling pretty good apart from some occasional, lingering nausea and mild abdominal discomfort. Every day I am feeling a little better and I  am sure it will be next to no time before I feel I am ready to go back to work and deal with the everyday stresses of my `normal life`. 

For now I am really enjoying some me time…having some time off work as well as allowing me to recover physically is giving me some time to think about my life in general, where I am going and what changes I need to make for the future. I feel reborn….buoyant and positive and really excited as to what to what the first 12 months of my new life will bring. 

 A lot has happened in the past week…not all of it great but I was certainly not expecting to go through weight-loss surgery without some unpleasant side-effects! The whole experience so far been somewhere between a visit to the dentist and childbirth haha! Despite this I have come out the other side in one piece with a big fat grin on my face and I do not regret for a second my decision to go through with such a radicle procedure to help me lose weight. 

Let me take you through what`s been happening over the past few days… 

Wednesday 4th August…my band-day 

On the morning of my op I woke up at 6am filled with a mixture of nervousness, guilt and excitement. 

Guilt you ask… 

It was a really big day for me but equally so for my son Michael. Not only was his mum undergoing surgery but he was due to find out his higher exam results later that day. He has worked so hard this year and has put himself under so much pressure to do well. I was gutted that I would be out of it or under or heaven forbid `departed` when he got his results. I felt really guilty about this on the morning of my op as he was really uptight…poor lad. A big part of that due to yours truly. 

I got up at 6.30am, made myself a hot drink and went back to bed. This was the last I would be allowed to eat/drink other than sips of water before my surgery in the afternoon. I was blooming starving and would have killed for a bacon roll but did not think my anaesthetist would have approved! 

It was nice to lie quietly on my own and think for an hour or two before the rest of the house got up but that didn’t last very long and before too long everyone was up and about, getting ready to leave for the hospital and around 10am. So showered, hair done and lippy on I left my house for the last time as the old Lorna….and the old Lorna ALWAYS wears her lippy!! 

a girl needs all the help she can get


…Arrived at the hospital around 11am and was shown to my comfortable, spotlessly clean, private room where the nurse came in and checked my blood pressure, pulse and weighed me again….down 2.5kg from last time…great. 

She told me that I was second on Mr G`s list and expected me to go to theatre around 2.30pm. I was then presented with a pack containing my designer theatre togs. 

…My main worry at this stage was that the sexy green pants in said pack wouldn’t fit over my ample thighs and I would be left with a set of becoming red welts… or worse no lower zone modesty! 

…Too many years working in the NHS and seeing poor patients walking down corridors with their wee white bums in full view was in my vision….nightmare! 

My horror was quickly averted, however, when I read the size and it said XXL (size 24-28)….phew! 

..Hey they were far too big…they even hit my blooming chin if I pulled them up high…result! 

About 1pm my family left…thank god…they were actually making me more uptight. Plus if I had no-one to winge to about how hungry and anxious I was it wasn’t so bad. 

I needed to enter a state of numb calmness….which I did actually when everyone left…funny that. 

At 2pm I got changed into the racy green gown and white stocking ensemble to wear on my theatre date with Mr G… unfortunately I had to take off my lippy which nearly killed me! I wondered if he`d notice…haha! 

dressed for theatre...minus the lippy!


No sooner had my well clad bum hit the chair after getting changed than they arrived to take me to theatre…25 minutes early. 

On reflection this was actually great because I had no time to think about things…before I knew it I was flat in bed, being whizzed to theatre under what seemed like miles of bright lights and white ceiling tiles. It was so like what it looks on TV. I tried to imagine I was watching it on TV and it wasn’t actually happening to me. 

 Within minutes I was there…in the anaesthetic room…the point of no return! I was shaking inside and for a fleeting moment I didn’t want to go through with the op…I even asked the anaesthetist if it was too late to change my mind…he looked at me kind of disapprovingly so I very quickly followed through with…`its ok I am joking!`. 

At that he just smiled at the same time managing to elegantly and painlessly stick a pretty pink venflon into my left arm…`just a little scratch`.   

All the time reassuring explanations and jokey banter was going on around me while people were attaching things to my arms, chest, legs. 

…I was just trying to zone out of the reality of what was happening. I just stared up at the smiling faces and nose hair…trembling…OMG!!! 

Before I knew it I had an oxygen mask on my face and could feel the tingly cool blast of propanol rushing up my left arm. The last thing I remember was the feeling of a million tiny needles pricking my body. 

I was under! 

What happened to me over the next 45 minutes I shall never personally recall but have a fair idea of what Mr Galloway was skilfully doing from watching a laprascopic banding procedure on You Tube. 

If you are interested in the blood and gory details like me follow this interesting link. 

The next thing I remember was waking up in a corridor being wheeled to recovery. I felt just like I had been sleeping and was waking from a dream. 

I had an oxygen mask over my face, intravenous fluids running and was attached to a vital signs monitor. Immediately I felt really sore and very, very thirsty. After I was settled into recovery the nurse let me have a few sips of water…it was like nectar. She told me that I had been given iv morphine, iv paracetamol and iv ondasetron (anti-sickness). Agreed…a great wee cocktail but I was still in a lot of pain. I could only manage tiny shallow breaths as the searing pain in my chest/upper abdomen was so severe. 

I remember looking at the clock in the recovery room and it said 3.45pm. My first thought after yay I am still alive and ouch I`m bloody sore was…I wonder if Michael has his results yet? I couldn’t wait to get back up to the ward to phone home to find out. 

Back up in the ward I was settled in quickly propped up in bed. As soon as I sat straight up I brought up a large amount of wind and the nasty pain I was suffering settled like magic from awful to a niggle. The nurses were great and offered me more pain relief but I was ok by then. 

…I had read a lot about post-op wind pain before my surgery but I was not prepared for just how sore it could be at its worst. 

After 30 minutes or so I was deemed well enough to come off my oxygen. The nurses popped in every 20 minutes or so and checked me over. I felt safe and had a buzzer close to hand. 

I phoned home from my mobile about 5pm to let everyone know I was ok and more importantly to me find out Michaels exam results. Still no news…he was climbing the walls. Although the postal results were due the following day he had signed up to get them by email a day early…but there was a problem with the SQA server…hence the delay. 

The hospital has free wi-fi so I asked to him to bring his lap-top up at visiting to keep checking his in-box. 

At 7.30pm during visiting the good news arrived. He got 4 A`s!…fantastic. I was so proud and so relieved for him. 

..All in all everyone could breath a big sigh of relief…I had come through my op ok and Michael was a blooming genius. 

…a very good day!! 

Its been a GOOD day!


Well my friends…guess that’s enough for anyone to listen to for now but log back in over the next few days and I will keep you posted as to my recovery up till now. 

Bye for now 



PS…thanks so much to my lovely friend and fellow bandit MH for all her recent kindness and support. 

PPS…I have lost 13lbs


About Lorna Pitt

Hi everyone... I am on the cusp of a new life.....hopefully a happier, healthier, fitter new life. Come with me and follow my journey as I take my life pound at a time! ps....its happening!!! xx xx
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