Oh no….not another diet!

Great news…..I have not heard from the Nuffield this week. Elspeth my pre-op nurse told me that if there was a problem with my blood results or MRSA screen the hospital would be in touch within a few days. That was about 10 days ago and I haven’t heard a thing. I am so, so relieved.  

Nuffield Glasgow. Where I am having my surgery in 2 days

Nuffield Glasgow. Where I am having my surgery in 2 days time.


 …The countdown is now well and truly on folks. Today is Monday 2nd August and its now only two more days till I surrender to the skilled hands (and surgeons knife) of Mr Galloway. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas day to arrive…a mixture of excitement, anticipation laced with a smidgen of nerves.  

 I suppose it`s only natural to feel a little anxious about the actual surgery itself.. I keep reminding myself that this time next week it will all be over and I will be back home and taking the first baby steps of my new life.  

I`ve also decided that August the 4th is my going to be my second birthday from now on.…I figure if her Majesty can have two birthdays every year then so can I. I`ve always wanted a summer birthday anyway…. Haha!!  

In preparation for the big day I am on a special liver shrinking diet…yes another flaming diet!  

The food fest I have been indulging myself in over the past week is well and truly over. I said a fond farewell to my gluttonous ways last week with a rather nice but large Chinese meal accompanied with several large glasses of good red wine and some ice-cream for afters.  

As I was eating it I was thinking to myself….will I ever never be able to indulge (pig out!!) like this again?  

…I bloody hope not!!  

Anyhoo….I`ve been following my pre-op diet for 5 days now. It could be worse and on the whole I`m coping with it. I`ve lost 4lbs already…yay!!  

Why the special diet you ask?  

I shall try to explain…  

Obese people tend to have big, fatty livers….like force-fed French geese who gorge themselves on corn to produce Fois Gras us fatties have generally managed to fatten up our livers rather successfully through eating too much junk, mainly from excess carbohydrates (sugar).  

Now the science bit….  

Any excess glucose digested from food is converted to a substance called glycogen which is mainly deposited in the liver.  

Glycogen is fatty substance which forms an energy store that can  rapidly be converted to glucose should the body need it.  

In morbidly obese people this reserve tends to be significant and causes their liver to become large, rigid and heavy. This can make it more difficult for the surgeon to expose and perform the necessary dissection around the top part of the stomach during laprascopic gastric band surgery.  

take it away...I`m on the liver shrinking diet...dont you know.


It is for that reason that all patients undergoing gastric banding are instructed to follow some kind of liver shrinking diet.  

There seems to be a wide variety of diets out there and it seems to depend upon your individual surgeon/provider as to which one you are advised to follow.  

The diet sheet the Nuffield sent me is basically a low fat, low calorie, reduced carbohydrate diet (see below). The reduction in carbohydrate will hopefully allow me to use up the glycogen stores in my liver to shrink to a more manageable size. This will allow Mr Galloway to safely and easily perform my banding on Wednesday.  

I have on the whole been pretty good and have not cheated…..only one wee blip on Saturday night when I succumbed to several G&T`s with DIET lemonade. That Mr Gordon can be so persuasive…haha!!  

My Liver reducing diet sheet: 

Breakfast Small bowl of cereal, or
1 slice of toast with a scraping of low fat spread
Lunch 1 slice bread or 2 crispbreads
Small portion lean meat or fish, or
Small portion cheese, or 2 eggs (not fried)
Green salad (no dressing) or tomatoes
Dinner Small portion lean meat or fish, or
Small portion low fat cheese, or 2 eggs, or
Tofu or Quorn based dish
1 small potato or 2 tablespoonfuls pasta or rice
Vegetables (as many as you like except for root vegetables)
Daily 1/3 pint milk for use in drinks and on cereal
2 portions of fruit (e.g. apple, orange, banana, pear)
Free water, tea, coffee, low calorie squash or fizzy drinks
1 low fat, low sugar yogurt or fromage frais

As you can see the diet is not too bad…..but a far cry from what I have been consuming lately.  

I`m off to do a bit of shopping now…anything to take my mind off my grumbling stomach!  

See you soon my friends,  




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Hi everyone... I am on the cusp of a new life.....hopefully a happier, healthier, fitter new life. Come with me and follow my journey as I take my life back...one pound at a time! ps....its happening!!! xx xx
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