….taste the rainbow!

follow your rainbows guys!

Good morning friends, fellow bloggers and banditos…. Hope you are all doing great and reaching your goals?

Time for a wee bit of reflection from Lorna today…Its getting near to my one year bandiversary (4th August to be precise) and it`s got me a` thinking…

Now this might be dangerous but bear with me if you will…hahaha!

Seriously though….Generally I am not one for living in the past or looking too far ahead into the future but sometimes it`s no bad thing to stop, look, listen to your body and mind and take stock of life.

…when I look back to this time last year or reread my earlier posts it actually hurts…I mean really hurts…it`s like a physical pain in my soul to look back and remember just how unfit and sad inside that I felt… *shudders*….I was just existing and not truly living….that’s the difference the last 11 months, getting fit and offloading 77lbs have made!

feeling fit and strong!

 I know that maybe sounds a bit dramatic but its true guys. I can`t even begin to express just how much things have changed for me….much of it not actually printable though…mores the pity haha!

Anyhoo…don’t you think that day to day we often take things for granted and just plod along doing our thing…it`s not until you actually stop and reflect that you realise how far you have come and how lucky you are…for me it`s like a WOW moment!!!!

…Now I know I will never be a size eight supermodel, a millionairess, have legs like a racehorse or regain the glow of my 20 year old youth but I can honestly say hand on heart that I am happy with my lot and who I am these days… Yes I have the odd `laughter line` and grey hair poking through but I have my health, sense of humour and zest for life back so I aint complaining…no siree!!

plenty of mountains to climb...oh yes!

Whether it be running up hills or running for a bus…I can now actually do it with a smile…whoohooo!

Just the other day me and the boy climbed another mountain and it was great fun. We powered up to that damn summit in jig time…taking over loads of folks along the way.

At the top it was freezing with 70 mile an hour winds and hailstones (in July ffs!) but I didn’t feel the cold…just the immense sense of achievement at getting there!

Weight wise…still have a stone to go but there’s no mad rush…the formula of moving my butt more and eating less is still working and I know it will happen if I just keep keeping on as they say.

On that note my friends gonna head…got a hot date at the gym with my old friend Mr Rower!

Take care you lot and stay strong, determined and positive!




“To fully appreciate the rainbow you must first weather the storm.”

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am so getting there…life is fun!

Good morning bandits!! Have been so, so busy since coming back from my holidays and I feel I have been neglecting you all….sorry!

pre departure!!

To be honest I have been having a ball both pre and post my continental departure but I`m back now…oh yes…and I don’t just mean from sunny Spain either haha!

Life at the moment is abundant and it feels so great to be getting back to the way I felt a few years ago…ie happy, healthy, energetic, fun loving and confident.

Had a fab time in Benidorm with the girls a few weeks back…and came back with a great (nearly all over)tan and some good memories! Weather was amazing and had no qualms this year about strutting my stuff on the beach either *giggles*. Felt great to feel `kinda` confident in myself again…that’s the gym for you guys! The hard work is paying off for sure!

butterfly wings n a tutu! jeezo!!

Band and food wise had a few wee problems at times throughout my week away  but nothing that caused me serious hassle. After a couple of unceremonious pb`s (never a good thing guys) some considered dietary choices were made… Always worse too when you are eating out and/or in company as there’s nowhere to hide…eeek!

It`s well known that when you fly your band can tighten due to aircraft cabin pressure which can result some mild stomach swelling and things being a wee bit sticky for a while. Never had this last time I was away in October but I must admit this time round I found it difficult to eat my normal things for the first  few days and to be honest don’t think I really helped the situation by drinking probably  too much Sangria…oh dear!

 Should really know better by now but it was `that` kind of holiday so just got on with things and tried to go with the flow! Was fun though 😉

Anyhoo…long and short of things are that despite party, party, party time, too much booze, no gym and eating `easy food` aka rubbish a lot of the time I lost weight while away…3lbs to be exact! *jaw to floor in shock*

last week...down the beach! this makes me happy

Stood on the scales again today and have lost 5lbs in the last 4 weeks…quite how I am not entirely sure?? Even some clothes that were a wee bit nippy before my holidays are getting too big and a lot of my size 14`s are starting to hang a bit! Not complaining I can tell you!

…took the plunge and looked out my treasured old size 10-12 Levi  501`s yesterday (any of my regular followers will know my ultimate goal is to get into them rather than aspire to a set weight)

Well… I tried them on for the first time in about 7 years and I got them up, over the hips and nearly fastened…woohooo!

Granted they are still hideously tight but I GOT THEM ON GUYS!!!!! Yay!! Reckon another couple of months and a stone or so and I will be strutting my stuff in them again…so not long now!!!…August the 4th is my bandiversary…reckon I will make it for sure by then!

Back at the gym this week and it actually feels great! Missed the wee buzz my sweaty (not so little now) workouts give me. It was a beautiful day yesterday and managed 8 miles along the beach as well…was the kind of day and weather that makes you glad to be alive really! Have wee glowing sunkissed cheeks as well haha!

who wouldve thought it....me on a horse haha!

On that note going to sign off for now as I am off for some more of the same…

Take care you lot!

Bye for now…



“Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you to where you want to go….no one else “

~ Les Brown

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Gym`ll fix it!

…well for me it has oh yes! Yip indeedy bandsters…Lorna`a wee quest for fitness is certainly all going to plan and it feels amazing!

out walking last week 🙂

 Have been going to the gym 4-5 times per week for the past 2 months now and I can definitely see and feel the difference big time. I feel energised and fit and ready to take on the world these days too!

Everything is just kind of shrinking down and I am toning up at the same time…feel really lucky that have not been left with any `hangy` bits either. All the hard work is definitely paying off…*claps hands*

Have been increasing the intensity of my workouts weekly and am now easily managing nearly 2 hours at a time. Managed 10k on the

cracked the 10k challenge...go me!

rowing machine last week as well (after a 10 mile power walk I might add)…in a very respectable time of 49 minutes…go me!!! Those two activities alone burned off a massive 1800 calories in one day…how fab is that!

Still not getting too hung up on the numbers weight wise though…no loss this week but hey the clothes still getting looser. I know and believe that as long as I keep doing what I am doing I will reach my goal of a size 10-12 by August easily.

gotta work at it guys!

Been packing for my wee girlie get-away too. Surprised and delighted to say I actually look kinda cute in my wee bikini`s this year hahal! Was a bit nervous that my surgery scars would be very obvious but to be honest you can hardly notice them (thanks Mr G!!)

Can`t wait to hit the beach now guys…oh yes!…a week in the sun with the gorgeous girlies in less than a week…whoohoooo!! Who would have thought I would have been saying this last year when I was at my heaviest and most unfit. My whole band experience has just been so positive… I actually have to pinch myself some days because I feel so good about it all.

beauty isn`t just on the outside! xx

One thing I have noticed recently though is the way people now act around me…particularly men. It`s weird…and taking a bit of getting used to, to be honest…eek! Can`t say that I am complaining  but it does really annoy me how much emphasis is put on the way we look rather than the way we are inside as people. I am still the same reasonably intelligent bubbly person I was 5 stones ago but it saddens me that some people who almost looked down on me are now all smiley, smiley chatty chatty….grrrr!!!  Yeah…it`s unfortunately sad but true true bandits…we so live in a fattist society.

…Just a wee observation really…wonder how some of you guys feel about that one?? Feel free to drop me a line or post a comment…

Anyhoo  guys, need to head for now…got loads to do today (including the gym haha) so signing off  for now.

Will catch up in a fortnight with all my news and maybe a few wee holiday snaps haha!!

Take care out there and keep up the hard work!

Adios amigos…



“It’s not what you call me, but what I answer to.”
~ African proverb ~

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tick..tick..tick…oh yes!

Oh what a fab day it is my friends…sun is shining here and thought I should post a wee update before I head off to the gym! Been awfy busy this past few weeks and have lots to tell.

tick...tick...tick...its all happening!

First and foremost though a wee update about the poundage situation! Last time I wrote sure I was moaning because there was no downward movement on the scales despite my sterling efforts at the gym.

Well…thrilled to report that as expected took a wee sudden tumble last week and dropped another 6lbs making my total loss to date 72lbs….yay!!! *dancing the happy dance*

To be honest I don’t even feel like I am on a diet anymore or having to `work` at it. It`s just kind of happening now.

It feels normal now to walk for miles, go to the gym and keep active. It gives me such a wee buzz that I actually can`t wait to get started in the morning…luving it!!

Food wise…its healthy choices most of the time but with the attitude that a wee bit of what you fancy is good for you too….so do not feel deprived!

Have decided to keep my band on the loose side for now because I love my wee meals out and don’t want to feel like I can`t join in or worry about pb`ing in public. I am out there having fun, socialising and generally enjoying myself as well (too much sometimes) *giggles*

… I have eventually reached my `sweet spot` and it’s a great place to be.

Everyone is different I guess but for me just knowing that I can tighten up my wee internal friend if I ever do slip into bad habits again is such a comfort. I feel in control and that is very empowering my fellow bandits…oh yes!

Right….as you know I was heading off to the races a few weeks

Ayr races April 2011...70lbs down!

back with my gorgeous girlies. Pleased to report a fab day had by all! Felt great to get all glammed up in my new red dress and got loads of attention and compliments…oh my!…check me oot lol!

make mine a champers!

The girls were certainly rocking it that day…ha!

Been ticking off a few firsts over the past few weeks as well. …used to love hillwalking a few years back but hadn’t been in a long, long time folks and although I have been working on my overall fitness was still unsure if I could do it.

Well breaking news chums….I can and it was great!

halfway up the Merrick...a toughy!

Climbed two mountains in the same week and although challenging and a tad sweaty at times the buzz was amazing and I loved it! Thanks Mx for making it fun…even though I had to drag you up at times 😉

Well that’s Goat Fell and The Merrick ticked off….hoping to bag a few Munros over the summer…been bitten by the bug so bring it on!

made it! Top of Goat fell in Arran

Off to Sunny Spain with the gurlies in just over two weeks as well…bikinis, amber solaire and cowboy hats are at the ready…oh yes! Not quite where I want to be size wise yet but soooooooooo getting there.

Just goes to prove folks that things can be turned around with a wee bit of hard work and positivity.

 If I can do it so can you!

Right…need to dash….got a rowing machine at the gym calling my name haha!

Till next time Banditos!

Love Lorna


“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can

start today and make a new ending.” ~ Maria Robinson

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Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Morning people…how`s things? All good I hope.

…Feel as if I have been neglecting my wee blog (sorry guys)…It`s just that I have been so busy recently and actually finding the time to sit down and write has been a bit of a contest recently.

Now don’t get me wrong…it`s not all work and no play for Lorna at the moment because it`s been a mixture of both 😉

In fact it’s a good kind of busy that makes me happy… hahaha!

Have definitely upped the ante this past week or so with regards to my wee fitness regimen too.

After a lot of procrastination and will do it tomorrow I joined the gym last week…go me!!

 It`s not that I wasn’t motivated to do it or lazy…I was just plain petrified and embarrassed!

Why you ask?

Well…as you lot probably know I used to be really fit and kept myself in really good shape up to the age of about 35. I exercised nearly every day and had a great wee figure because I worked at it. When I started to put on weight because of other stuff going on in my life I was just too self-conscious to go to the gym or pool and the slide started. Like a snowball…the more weight I put on the less I did…to the point where I just gave up. The thought of even walking through the doors of a gym was enough to make me break out in a cold sweat after a while. My self-confidence was shot to pieces to be honest.

me aged 34...before the weight gain

Anyhoo…proud to say I have finally broken that pesky curse and actually did it last Monday (all on my wee one-some too). As the saying goes people…sometimes you just have to “feel the fear and do it anyway”.

God…I can tell you I was sooooooo nervous when I walked in there the first time. I think my resting heart rate was about 150bpm and I felt like a rabbit in the headlights lol!

…However, it’s a great wee local gym the fitness instructor was very nice and put me at ease immediately.

I had 3 hours of personal induction last week over 3 separate days and over that period gradually became more confident and less self-conscious. I now have my own wee personal programme and I am loving it.

…Takes just over an hour and burns 500 calories a time… Am loving the mixture of cardio strength training. Will be great for toning too…only 7 weeks to the girly holiday (and the bikini…yikes) so need to get at it pronto ha!

Managed 5 days last week and this week am planning on doing the same. Still keeping up with the walking though because I love it and it`s great for fat burning.  I actually am starting to feel like I used to in my head (as in actually loving keeping fit)…it`s such a wee buzz!

Weight loss wise…it`s slow and steady for me. Am finding that sometimes I don’t lose on the scales for a week or two and then whoosh a 4-5lb drop. This past two weeks for example I have not lost anything on the scales but trousers I bought a month ago are hanging on me…go figure? The main thing though I think is not to get too hung up on the numbers and to just keep keeping on with the programme.

Heading to the races for a girly day out a week on Friday and can`t wait. Will be a great wee excuse to get the glad-rags on again and glam it up for the day with my gorgeous gals…Champagne, shades and St Tropez all the way ha!!

…Am wearing a lovely new silk red dress (my fave colour) and a pair of killer heels. Feels so amazing to be able to wear that kinda stuff once more and feel comfortable and attractive again…bring it on!

Right peeps, better sign off for now…want to squeeze in a beach walk before work.

Take care and keep keeping on!




“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes

your smile can be the source of your joy.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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just do it guy`s…stat!!!



me 17th March 2011...feeling great!

Morning lovely people…hope you are all well and life is treating you kindly!

 Whoah…did I speak too soon about the weather a couple of weeks back or what?? Still…we live in Scotland I suppose so should not be surprised by snow in the middle of March haha!

Anyhoo…snow, rain, sleet, wind or indeed sunshine (on the rare days we get it) are not stopping this wee shrinking lady on her quest to fitness. Have been out there walking most days ….force 10 gales the lot!!! It just makes me feel sooooooo good that I have got past the stage where a wee bit of wind or rain is gonna stop me!

 …as the advert says bandsters…. you gotta `just do it!!`

 The walking thing is becoming second nature to me now…I actually start to get a bit antsy if I miss a day now guys (go figure??). I know that it`s also having a major impact on my weight loss which is an added bonus. Have lost another 4lbs in the past two weeks (whoot…whoot!!) and jeans I was wearing 4 weeks ago are now consigned to the ever

this could be expensive haha!

growing pile of clothes destined for the charity shop!

Bought some new bits n pieces this week in a size 14…how fab is that!! Get the feeling this could be expensive (eek!)…especially as my social life is growing as quickly as the weight is falling off…bring it on!!!

In the past few months I have gone from never really wanting to go out to someone who never wants to stay in…my mojo and zest for life is burning on full gas and it feels amazing!!

For the first time in a long time I feel fanbloomintastic…it’s a feeling that comes from within and cannot be bought. Like the butterfly…I am breaking through my wee cocoon and feeling the sunshine and freedom of space to grow!



My band is not stopping me either…its part of me now and I just kind of roll with it. Some days I have no restriction and other days it can feel a bit too tight but I am getting used to that now and to be honest doesn’t hamper my social life or day to day living in any way. Can honestly say it’s the best thing that I have ever done for me and was worth every hard earned penny.

…We only get one shot at this thing we call life people so it`s up to us to make every day count.

I know some of my wee cyber friends out there are still stuck in bandster hell and it`s not a great place to be so I am sending you ((((hugs))))

In the meantime…just try to stay positive and get active…it soooo helps!!

Well guys the beach is a calling me so I`m off for my daily fix!

Catch you soon guys…if you can catch me first hehe!




“One can never consent to creep
when one feels the impulse to soar” ~Helen Keller ~


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Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the definitely in the air my friends! Whoop…whoop!

reach for the sun!

Woke up this morning to day number 3 of wall to wall sunshine… its just fab after all the rain and grey depressing days of late. Granted its cold outside but it certainly lifts the spirits when the sun is smiling!

I just love cold, crisp, sunny days…don’t you?

….They are good for the soul.

Hey guys…my weight-loss is showing no signs of slowing down either. Feel as if I am really getting somewhere nowadays. Am officially in the twelve’s now…that’s four stones gone forever, never to be seen again thanks to my lovely band! Adios adipose lol!!!

Was out on Saturday night with the girls for a meal and some drinks and I felt really good in myself. Lots of complements and liking what I see in the mirror these days feels amazing. It`s such a great wee feeling to put on a pair of jeans, a nice wee top and some heels and feel good. Goodbye baggy tops and cover-ups…this lady is raising her game. Even some of my size 16 clothes are getting

...getting closer by the day whoop whoop!!!

 loose now. I can see the plastic getting melted on a whole new wardrobe of fab new clothes in the coming months….oh dear!

Proud to say I am managing to keep up with my exercise goals too…more importantly I am enjoying it as well. Walked 40 miles last week and gave Davina a wee airing for good measure. I`m also trying to incorporate 100 daily sit-ups and a few weights most days for toning. It only takes 5 minutes in the morning or before bed and I know it will make such a difference by the time I reach my goal weight. As anyone who has been following my wee journey

this was me about 14 years ago...can you believe it!

 knows I was always slim and fit up to the age of about 35 so in theory I know exactly what needs to be done. It just needs doing hahaha!

Anyhoo banditos…am off to enjoy some of this lovely sunshine. Take care and keep up the good work…summer is just round the corner!

Till next time lovely people….



“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”


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